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  • Organizing for Tax (and Estate Planning) Season
    Posted on: 16 Jan 2018
    This flurry of tax prep activity is the perfect opportunity to get your estate plan in order, too, and kill two birds with the proverbial stone. ...
  • Report Sounds Alarm about Vouchers and Students with Disabilities
    Posted on: 15 Jan 2018
    thousands of children attend private schools through publicly funded voucher programs and education savings accounts, with states giving money directly to parents to spend at a school of their choice....
  • What to Expect from Estate Planning in 2018
    Posted on: 09 Jan 2018
    2018 will likely be an exciting, dynamic year. No matter where you are on the estate planning journey, carve out some time to make sure that you and your family are fully protected. ...
  • Memory Care Innovations
    Posted on: 08 Jan 2018
    Because so much more is being discovered about the disease in recent years, the way we think about caring for people with dementia is changing....
  • Why a Spendthrift Trust Can Be a Great Solution for Your Heirs
    Posted on: 02 Jan 2018
    Since every situation is different, there are different types of trusts to ensure the best outcome for each beneficiary. One type of trust, known as a spendthrift trust, is commonly used to protect a beneficiary’s interest....
  • Changes to Social Security in 2018
    Posted on: 01 Jan 2018
    ​Many senior citizens will be happy to learn that the amount of money they will receive in their social security checks will increase two percent in 2018....
  • There’s Never A Better Time Than Now To Get Your Affairs in Order
    Posted on: 26 Dec 2017
    The idea of getting your financial and legal house in order is likely the last thing on your mind during the busy holiday season. ...
  • Liver Transplant Distribution Changed After Years of Debate
    Posted on: 25 Dec 2017
    After years of debate, the organization that oversees the allocation of livers for transplant took steps recently to address a long-standing geographic disparity in supply of the scarce organs....
  • Gift Giving the Tax-Free Way
    Posted on: 19 Dec 2017
    Although it’s the season of giving, no one wants to share with the IRS. ...
  • The Double Whammy of Long-term Health Care Costs
    Posted on: 18 Dec 2017
    If you're a potential caregiver, you'll want to factor the financial stresses into your own retirement planning. You'll also want to learn about all the resources available should you need help. ...
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