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  • The One Thing Every New Grandparent MUST Do As Soon as Possible
    Posted on: 15 May 2018
    There is one thing that every new grandparent must do as soon as possible that is often overlooked. Specifically, every new grandparent should immediately create (or revise) an estate plan so that it includes your family’s newest generation....
  • Americans are Increasingly Avoiding Going to the Doctor
    Posted on: 14 May 2018
    Even with the benefits of health insurance, many struggle to afford medical costs. ...
  • Beneficiary Designations and a Blended Family: Why You Need to Think Before You Sign
    Posted on: 08 May 2018
    A knowledgeable estate planner will use your trust as the centerpiece of your estate plan and make sure to coordinate and align the beneficiaries on your assets so that your intent will become the reality once you have passed away. ...
  • May is National Elder Law Month
    Posted on: 07 May 2018
    Where the month of May celebrates mothers and the Kentucky Derby, it has also been designated as National Elder Law month....
  • Estate Planning When Not All of Your Kids are in the Family Business
    Posted on: 01 May 2018
    Keeping the peace among your children after you are no longer able to participate in the business requires careful balancing of your estate plan. ...
  • Keeping Care in the Family: Putting It In Writing
    Posted on: 30 Apr 2018
    Paying an adult child or a friend to care for an elder can work well for many people. There are potential pitfalls, however. ...
  • Roth IRA conversions after tax reform . . . still a good idea?
    Posted on: 24 Apr 2018
    A Roth IRA provides account owners tax-free income during retirement. The recently enacted tax reform, however, has removed one helpful opportunity: the ability to recharacterize -- or undo -- a Roth IRA conversion. ...
  • Benefits of Walking
    Posted on: 23 Apr 2018
    Walking: It is one of the most effective ways to maintain your overall health as you age. It provides a myriad of benefits both physical and mental. ...
  • Are Your Documents Following the Same Script? Basics of Beneficiary Forms and Estate Planning
    Posted on: 17 Apr 2018
    In the event of your untimely death, the manner in which your beneficiaries -- or those people who receive your assets from your estate -- are determined is highly dependent on how your property is titled. ...
  • Care Options for Adults with Special Needs
    Posted on: 16 Apr 2018
    There are numerous care options available for adults with special needs. The options available range for those with special needs who are able to be more independent to those who need advanced medical care....
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