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  • How a Living Trust Helps Your Family
    Posted on: 19 Sep 2017
    There are several parts to an estate plan, one of them being a Living Trust. Common factors that prompt someone to create a Living Trust include privacy, tax benefits, avoiding probate, and caring for family members with special needs. Estate planning also lets you dictate how your assets will pass on to future generations after your death....
  • Shingles May Raise Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke
    Posted on: 18 Sep 2017
    There’s new evidence shingles may come with health consequences beyond an agonizingly painful rash: It could mess with your heart health too. ...
  • Estate Planning For the Newly Married
    Posted on: 12 Sep 2017
    Now is the perfect time to start working on an estate plan—because, as newlyweds, you may not have a list of your accounts, but you've effectively just done a working inventory of your possessions—as you've figured out how to consolidate two households into one. ...
  • The Home Care Crisis: An Elder Justice Issue
    Posted on: 11 Sep 2017
    While Medicare home health coverage laws apply equally to all individuals, equitable application of coverage laws has been impeded by administrative payment rules and quality measure incentives that favor beneficiaries who have short-term care needs and disfavor those with long-term, chronic care needs. ...
  • If I Don't Have an Estate, Do I Really Need an Estate Plan?
    Posted on: 05 Sep 2017
    Virtually anyone who owns anything has an “estate” in the eyes of the law. Although the term may conjure images of expansive country properties, expensive cars, or other symbols of high wealth, for the purposes of estate planning law, the term “estate” covers a whole lot more. ...
  • Labor Day
    Posted on: 04 Sep 2017
    Always the first Monday in September, Labor Day was the idea of Peter J. Maguire, a labor union leader who in 1882 proposed a celebration honoring the American worker....
  • 4 Estate Planning Steps You Must Take After the Death of a Spouse
    Posted on: 29 Aug 2017
    When a spouse passes away, thinking about “the estate” might be the last thing on your mind. And while it’s necessary to give yourself ample time to process the loss of your partner, it’s also imperative you talk with your estate planning attorney sooner rather than later — or you might be facing some pretty unpleasant consequences. ...
  • High Intensity Exercise for Seniors
    Posted on: 28 Aug 2017
    A new study published in Cell Metabolism by researchers from the Mayo Clinic suggests that the type of exercise that best counters the aging process in senior citizens may be high-intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT alternates short bursts of intense aerobic activity such as biking or walking with short periods of easing up on the same activity. ...
  • Estate Planning: Why Me, Why Now, and Is a Will Enough?
    Posted on: 22 Aug 2017
    You are neither too young nor too poor to engage in estate planning! Just remember that a Will may be a necessity, but it is not the only means to plan your estate in an efficient and cost-effective manner....
  • Alzheimer’s Stigmas
    Posted on: 21 Aug 2017
    There are many negative public images and stereotypes associated with dementia, which contributes to a lack of engagement with people with this condition. Many people with dementia experience social isolation due to withdrawal from friends and other important people in their lives....
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