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  • Legal Considerations When Getting Your New College Student Ready to Go
    Posted on: 17 Jul 2018
    Before your kids leave for college, have a frank conversation with them about how much information -- including grades, finances, health records -- you will be able to access. ...
  • Make Sure Your Wishes Are Carried Out
    Posted on: 16 Jul 2018
    Having an estate plan is necessary for you to have a say in what happens if you become sick and cannot make decisions for yourself, and to determine what happens with your money and your belongings after death. ...
  • Digital Afterlife: An Estate Plan For Your Facebook Account
    Posted on: 10 Jul 2018
    While the internet has made our lives easier by allowing us to access our information with the simple push of a button, it may be difficult for our loved ones to do the same once we are gone....
  • Identity Fraud Targeting the Elderly
    Posted on: 09 Jul 2018
    The US Department of Justice has reported that more than one million elderly people have collectively lost hundreds of millions of dollars because of this targeted financial abuse. ...
  • 3 Tips For Every New Homeowner
    Posted on: 03 Jul 2018
    The purchasing of a home is a big event in your life. When these major life changes occur, it is important that you are properly prepared. ...
  • 3 Reasons Veterans Should Have a Professional Advocate
    Posted on: 02 Jul 2018
    When it comes to something as important as veteran’s benefits, it only makes sense that a veteran is better off with someone who knows the ins and outs of the process. ...
  • One Call You Must Make After You Buy a Home - That You’ve Probably Forgotten
    Posted on: 26 Jun 2018
    Buying a new home is a great new adventure. Give us a call so we can make sure that you are embarking on this new chapter in your life fully protected....
  • Solo Aging and the Challenges It Brings
    Posted on: 25 Jun 2018
    Baby Boomers are living longer and healthier lives, but for some there is no escaping the eventualities of disease like heart disease, arthritis, diabetes or dementia....
  • Joint Tenancy Pitfalls: The ‘Simple’ Fix that Can Leave Your Family Broke
    Posted on: 19 Jun 2018
    There are many ways to own your assets. When you die, it is only natural that you want your family to share in the bounty of your hard work. ...
  • Respite Care Options for Caregivers
    Posted on: 18 Jun 2018
    Respite care is substitute care for when a caregiver needs a break. If possible, these breaks should be scheduled regularly, giving the caregiver time to rest. It can be for a short period like a day or just a few hours, or even for a vacation. ...
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