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  • Is This the Cure for Alzheimer's?
    Posted on: 24 Jul 2017
    Researchers in Australia have been experimenting with a non-invasive ultrasound technology that is showing great promise in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. ...
  • Tips for Working with a Law Firm -- Get the Most Out of Your Work with Your Lawyer
    Posted on: 18 Jul 2017
    When you hire an attorney for estate planning, help with a loved one’s estate, or any other legal matter you want to make sure that the work gets done correctly, efficiently, in a timely manner and at the best possible value. Here are some tips to have the most useful and value-oriented law firm experience....
  • What Happens When There are No Children to Provide Care to a Parent
    Posted on: 17 Jul 2017
    As we age, it is likely that many of us will need help for at least some period of time with life’s daily activities. (These include bathing, dressing, eating and using the bathroom.) And while we may not want to think much about being in that position someday, it would be a good idea to start thinking now about who will take care of us in our old age....
  • How You and Your Family Can Benefit From Late Portability Election
    Posted on: 11 Jul 2017
    The concept of “portability” is still relatively new in the law of estate planning, having become available only after 2010. Since then, it’s been both a blessing (for its tax saving benefit) and a curse (because of rules that seem to be constantly shifting). Fortunately, the IRS has recently clarified some important deadlines related to portability....
  • What Happens if a Family Member Becomes Incapacitated -The Unpopular Topic of Discussion Every Family Needs to Have
    Posted on: 10 Jul 2017
    Just bringing up the possibility of someone in your family becoming mentally or physically incapacitated is often difficult. We tend to think of only the very elderly needing long-term, hands-on care, but a report by the Alzheimer’s Association found that one in nine Americans age 65 or older currently have Alzheimer’s. With the baby boom generation aging and people living longer, that number may nearly triple by 2050. Dementia isn’t the only reason for long-term care, of course, but almost everyone knows someone already affected by it....
  • OASIS Study
    Posted on: 03 Jul 2017
    Antipsychotic drugs are known to have a number of severe side-effects, but they carry even greater risks for the elderly and those diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, antipsychotic drugs continue to be used as first-line treatments for the control of challenging behaviors in elderly patients. ...
  • Why It’s a Good Time to Set Your Kids Up for Success
    Posted on: 29 Jun 2017
    It can be exciting to see your children branching out and becoming successful adults in their own right — a time full of hard work and self-discovery that hopefully lays the groundwork for a fulfilling career in the coming years. But, it can also be a time of anxiety for some parents. We all want to know that we are doing absolutely everything we can to make sure our kids stay safe, healthy, and secure so they can pursue their dreams to the fullest. ...
  • Massachusetts Ruling On Medicaid Applicants
    Posted on: 26 Jun 2017
    Massachusetts' highest court ruled Monday that the residence and the other assets held in Medicaid applicants' irrevocable income-only trusts were not available assets even though the applicants retained the right to use the house during their lifetimes....
  • Money Isn’t Everything in Estate Planning - How to Pass Your Stories and Values to the Future Generations
    Posted on: 20 Jun 2017
    Money may be the most talked-about aspect of wealth contained within your estate, but the riches of your experience and wisdom can mean even more to your family members down the road. ...
  • Long Term Care Facilities
    Posted on: 19 Jun 2017
    Long Term Care Facilities (LTCFs) which include nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, and assisted living facilities, provide medical and personal care services to people who are unable to manage independently in the community. Over 5 million Americans are admitted to or reside in LTCFs each year. ...
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