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Family Legacy Plan

The FAMILY LEGACY PLAN™ forms the very core of our firm culture relating to the estate planning process, since it is the only way that we can assure an estate plan's effectiveness at the time that it is implemented. After the One-Year Access and Review (immediately following the execution of estate planning documents), each client is given the option to enroll in the FAMILY LEGACY PLAN™ on an ongoing basis to protect the investment made in the estate planning process. Our hope is to maintain an ongoing relationship with each client and with each client's family so that we can make sure that the estate plan works as intended when needed. The FAMILY LEGACY PLANNING model meets that objective by providing ongoing protection for your family over time. The FAMILY LEGACY PLAN™ includes the following features:

During each year of enrollment in the FAMILY LEGACY PLAN, you will be entitled to the following plan benefits:

  • Reasonable access to the attorneys and staff at Huck Bouma, PC, for questions regarding estate planning throughout the plan year.
  • An online, password-protected and fully secure client "vault" (online document storage facility) on our website for estate planning and other documents
  • Complimentary enrollment in the firm's Legal Directives program
  • No additional charge for various services throughout the plan year for such matters as:
    • Beneficiary designations for new retirement accounts, annuities and life insurance policies;
    • Trust certifications;
    • Preparation of deeds transferring real estate out of trust and back into trust in the event of the re-finance of an existing mortgage or taking out an equity line of credit (exclusive of recording and other third-party costs);
    • Legal letters of opinion in the event of a re-finance or new equity line of credit.
  • Exclusive invitation to annual firm event/program.
On or about the anniversary date of the execution of Estate Planning documents (or such other date as you request), we will provide the following additional plan benefits:
  • Conduct a complete review of your estate planning file and all estate planning documents; outline current fiduciaries, including Executors, Trustees, agents under Powers of Attorney, HIPAA agents, etc.
  • Prepare and draft a Confirmation of Names and Fiduciaries for your review and approval.
  • Redraft the following Estate Planning Documents, as necessary or required by legislative and/or tax changes, or to reflect a change in fiduciaries (or every 5 years if no legislative or tax changes mandate a restatement, assuming your enrollment in the FAMILY LEGACY PLAN™ for a continuous 5-year period), including any or all of the following:
    • Durable Powers of Attorney for Property;
    • Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care;
    • Living Wills;
    • HIPAA Authorizations; and
    • Appointments of Agent to Control Disposition of Remains, if necessary.
  • Prepare and draft Amendments to your Trusts and Codicils to your Wills to reflect a change in fiduciaries;
  • Office conference or online meeting with you to:
    • Review your estate planning objectives;
    • Review your dispositive distribution and other estate planning provisions to ensure alignment with your objectives;
    • Review current tax laws, including the impact of such tax laws on your estate situation and planning documentation;
    • Review recent legislation and other legal issues to determine whether changes in the law require updated provisions in your estate plan;
    • Review the ownership of all assets to ensure that the titles of your assets are consistent with the terms of your estate plan, and make any necessary changes, including reallocation of assets between your trusts, if you are married; and
    • Review all life insurance, annuity and retirement plan beneficiary designations, as applicable, to confirm that beneficiary designations are coordinated with your overall Estate Plan, and that such beneficiary designations are income tax efficient and appropriate to accomplish your estate planning objectives; re-designate any beneficiary designations that are inappropriate to your estate plan (subject to the exclusions, below*).

Our FAMILY LEGACY PLAN™+ entitles you to all of the benefits of our FAMILY LEGACY PLAN and, in addition, includes the following (on the anniversary of the execution of your estate plan), if and as required as the result of state or federal legislative or tax changes (or every 5 years if no legislative or tax changes mandate a Restatement, assuming your enrollment in the FAMILY LEGACY PLAN™ for a continuous 5-year period):
  • Restatement of Revocable Living Trusts; and
  • Newly drafted Wills.
*The FAMILY LEGACY PLAN and the FAMILY LEGACY PLAN+ do not include the following services:
  • Time beyond "reasonable" access to attorneys and staff, referred to above.
  • Any other services not specifically enumerated in the plan benefits, above.
Enrollment in the FAMILY LEGACY PLAN™+ does not include changes to the distribution provisions of Revocable Living Trusts and Wills, and re-designation of beneficiaries resulting from changes to the distribution provisions of an estate plan. However, clients enrolled in the FAMILY LEGACY PLAN™+ will be charged substantially discounted fees for such services if they are accomplished at the same time as a Restatement under the plan.

Unfortunately, there will be a charge for the services listed above for those clients who are not enrolled in the

If a client requests an amendment or restatement of an estate plan at any time during the plan year necessitated by a legislative and/or tax change, that request will be honored. Our commitment is limited to providing such an amendment or restatement only on the anniversary date of the execution of the plan unless otherwise requested.

The FAMILY LEGACY PLANand the FAMILY LEGACY PLAN™+ are available only to clients with new estate plans or estate plans that have been restated immediately prior to enrollment. Clients with existing estate plans who wish to enroll in either of those plans must first update their plans and bring them current.

We cannot take responsibility for the continued effectiveness of an estate plan that has not been regularly reviewed by our office.

 Simply contact our office for a Confidential Estate Planning Questionnaire, and we will send you the information necessary to initiate an estate planning consultation.

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