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The attorneys and staff in the Life & Legacy Planning Group at the law firm of Huck Bouma, PC in DuPage County, Illinois, pride themselves in being client-centered and relationship-based. The focus of many Estate Planning law firms is on transactions; they move from one matter to the next. We focus on relationships, not files. Our practice is based upon a Family Legacy Planning model that will provide ongoing protection for you and your families over time.

Family Legacy Planning, as practiced by our Elder Law and Estate Planning attorneys, is an interactive and very personal relationship-based planning model based on a "Legacy of Trust," resulting from the years during which Huck Bouma, PC has been a member of the community. In order for us to do our jobs, to truly accomplish your objectives, we need to understand you, your family, and your financial and personal situations, including your goals, aspirations, values and hopes for your loved ones. The first step in representing you is to learn about you and what you hope to gain from the Estate Planning process, and determine how we can best help achieve your goals. We use our Planning Diagnostic tool to explain what matters to you, and what is important. Without your input, we can't effectively represent you. By completing a comprehensive and confidential Estate Planning Questionnaire, we can obtain the necessary information to answer your questions and to make appropriate recommendations.

Our goal is to build a lifetime relationship with you, your family, and beyond. Each of us strives to be your family's attorney, the person whom you trust and turn to for advice and counsel, no matter the issue. Through the integration of various disciplines, the other areas of law in which the firm practices, and the relationships we have developed over many years of practice and trust in our community, we are able to help you with any issues that may arise in the legal and financial arenas.

We invite you to use us as a resource; consequently, we will act as a sounding board on Estate Planning, Elder Law and Estate Administration and related issues. You may have a friend or acquaintance who asks you about us, or you may feel compelled to make an introduction to help someone out. If that happens, we will make the time to offer objective advice that can be used to make an informed decision. It’s a value-added service that we offer to all our clients. We take great pride in knowing that most of our clients are referrals because of the "Legacy of Trust" we have develped in our community. Our firm also practices in the areas of Corporate and Business Services, Banking & Finance, Employment Law, Litigation, Matrimonial Law, Mergers and Acquisitions and Real Estate; please feel free to call upon us if you are in need of legal help in any of those areas of law.

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