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Estate Administration

A Time to Remember: The passing of a loved one is a time to grieve, to reflect upon a life, and to honor the accomplishments and the memory of that person. We understand that death is difficult and that the legal issues can seem especially overwhelming. A clear and detailed approach is required during a time when emotions and feelings dominate. We consider it an honor to help you through this difficult time, ensuring that all of the legal aspects of the Estate Administration process are handled in a professional manner, leaving you free to spend time with family and friends.

It is very important to understand that, regardless of whether the decedent had an Estate Plan, there is a necessary process involved in the administration of the decedent's Estate. Taking care of the details immediately after death can save substantial costs and future problems. The qualified Estate Administration lawyers at Huck Bouma, PC in Wheaton, Illinois, assisted by their support staff, including CPAs and paralegals, can help you navigate the intricacies of the legal process that clears title to assets, guarantees that the tax aspects of Estate Administration are properly resolved, that all debts, costs of administration, taxes and other liabilities of the Estate are paid. Once that has been accomplished, the balance of the Estate can be distributed to the people who are entitled to inherit from the decedent.

Probate is the formal, court-supervised administration of a decedent's Estate. In those situations in which probate is required, the attorneys at Huck Bouma, PC can help you negotiate the very technical requirements of such a proceeding. The entire probate process is conducted under the supervision of a judge, and the administration is generally more expensive and often takes longer than otherwise would be necessary if the court system could be removed or left out of the Estate administration process.

Trust Administration is available for decedents with fully funded Living Trusts. In that case, a formal probate proceeding generally isn't required. The process of administration of Trust Estates at death is typically a simpler and less expensive process than the formal judicial probate process.

Whether through a formal probate proceeding or through a less formal process, administration of the Estate is a requirement, since there are tax, asset transfer, and other issues that must be resolved. Estate Administration is neither simple nor intuitive. It is the goal of the attorneys at Huck Bouma to manage the burden of the legal consequences of the death of a loved one, leaving you to deal with the personal aspects of your loss.


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