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3rd Quarter, 2017
Life and Legacy Advisor
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Why "I Love You" Wills Really Don't Say "I Love You"
No aspect of estate planning brings out as much emotional decision-making as the division of assets. Many people think, “I love you,” so I’ll leave you everything. In order to understand why “I love you” wills are, contrary to their name, not the most caring of estate planning gestures, it’s important to understand the risks of “I love you” wills.

Many people consider or even use this approach because they think that leaving assets in trust shows they don’t trust their spouse. They may also think that a lack of federal estate taxes protects their assets from getting into the wrong hands. Sadly, many people also think that a will can be used to avoid probate. Unfortunately, none of these things are true.   Read more »

Why Ignoring the Importance of Incapacity Planning Can Have Serious Consequences
It’s a common misconception that all your efforts to create a comprehensive estate plan are focused on what happens after your death. That is very much not the case, and it’s a dangerous misconception to plan by.
Estate planning does not equate to death planning. There are several ways in which your estate plan can drastically impact you and your loved ones’ quality of life well before you pass away. That is why it’s also crucial that your plan includes up-to-date provisions for what will take place if you don’t die.   Read more »

Did You Know...

Which Soda is Distributed by BOTH Coca-Cola and Pepsi?

>Dr. Pepper
>Mug Root Beer
>Mountain Dew


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