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4th Quarter, 2017
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Make a New Year's Resolution
As our client, you probably already have a trust-based estate plan (or we’re in the process of working on one with you). So, you’re on the right track to getting the most from your assets and protecting yourself and your family from financial mismanagement and over-taxation.

Trust-based estate plans can fail if your assets aren’t properly funded into your trusts or otherwise aligned with your plan. Follow these easy steps as soon as possible to make sure you’re wrapping up the year wisely by leveraging the time you’ve already spent finishing your tax returns.  Read more »

Planning for Long-Term Care
We spend our lives planning for our retirement, contributing to our 401(k), making wise investments, and planning our future activities and travel plans. We look forward to being able to grow old with our loved one in our home. Once we retire, we stop planning for our retirement and begin to enjoy our time. Unfortunately, we often fail to plan for Long-Term Care.   Read more»

Did You Know...

The First Google Server was built from what?

>LEGO Blocks
>PVC Pipe
>K'Nex Bits


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