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1st Quarter, 2018
Life and Legacy Advisor
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Is There an Income Tax Time Bomb Lurking in Your Estate Plan? 
Many people who inherit wealth or small businesses are at significant risk for essentially squandering the wealth. An Ohio University study shows that an astonishing 33 percent of all beneficiaries lose their entire inheritance within two years of receiving it. The ways they manage to do so are as varied as the imagination, but in our experience we have seen a common thread: mismanagement.
Ensure that your will or trust includes strategies like lifetime discretionary trusts, incentive trusts, trust protectors, substance abuse protection language, and more, so that your family’s financial legacy is as safe as possible.
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How Will Tax Reform Impact Seniors and Persons with Disabilities?
The Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA) is now officially law. It is the first overhaul of the tax code in more than 30 years. This article discusses the main provisions in the tax law that could particularly affect retirees and persons with disabilities.
Retirees, most of whom are on relatively fixed incomes, are probably the most concerned about what the new tax law will mean for them. But, generally, they will be less affected than others because the changes do not affect how Social Security and investment income are taxed.
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Did You Know?

The first cartoon to be aired with stereo sound was... 

>Danger Mouse
>Teenage Mutant        Ninja Turtles
> Inspector Gadget
>The Jetsons


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