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3rd Quarter, 2016
Business Advisor
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Avoiding Deadlocks in LLC Operating Agreements
IRS filing statistics suggest that about 70 percent of all LLCs are single-member LLCs whose members are individuals; only five percent have three or more members; and the remaining 25 percent are two-member LLCs. Thus, LLC practice for multi-member LLCs is almost entirely for two-member LLCs.

Avoiding deadlocks in two-member LLCs is an important and complex issue, and this article will address the main things you need to know.  Read more »

Top Mistakes in Buy-Sell Agreements
Many times, business owners think seriously about buy-sell agreements only after they’ve already entered into other agreements that can impact the effectiveness of the buy-sell.  Examples include articles of incorporation/organization or partnership agreements, bylaws/operating agreements, loans or security agreements, franchise agreements and leases.  Buy-sell agreements must be coordinated with these other agreements.  Read more »

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