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2nd Quarter, 2016
Life and Legacy Advisor
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How to Avoid Sending Your Assets and Loved Ones Into Probate Court
Over the years, we’ve discovered that many people make a BIG mistake, catapulting their assets and loved ones right into the court system. Most of our clients want to avoid probate because it has a reputation for being expensive, time consuming, stressful - and public, meaning anyone anywhere can see who got what and how to contact them. Beneficiaries may become victims to nosy neighbors, predators, and unscrupulous “charities.”
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The Customized Sandwich Generation
The term “Sandwich Generation” has been around since 1981 when a woman named Dorothy Miller coined the term essentially to describe those individuals who were taking care of both their own children and providing some level of care for their aging parent(s). Since that time, numerous books and articles have been written about the subject from various perspectives. 
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Did You Know?

>Google's Proprietary Server Architecture

>A form of Abstract Mathematics

>A form of Modern Architecture

>The Structure of Mitochondrial Walls

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