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4th Quarter, 2016
Life and Legacy Advisor
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Talk to Your Family over the Holidays about Your Estate Plan
Many of us labor a lifetime to build up our assets and fight for causes that matter to us. Few things are more fulfilling than the thought of sharing wealth and legacy with our family.

At Huck Bouma, we conduct family meetings for our estate planning clients on a regular basis. Sometimes, having a neutral professional explain the plan and answer questions takes the pressure off you; frankly, who better to explain the legal details of your plan than the drafting attorney?
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Medical Professionals, Elder Law Attorneys and Their Older Patients and Clients
All Benefit When the Professionals Work Together
There are often situations when it is advisable and beneficial for medical professionals and elder law attorneys to work together for the safety and well-being of their older patients/clients. For example, situations involving decisional capacity issues, elder mistreatment, self-neglect, medical payment issues, some family issues, and situations involving confidentiality can all benefit from the collaboration of professionals.

Generally speaking, elder law attorneys and the medical professionals who care for older patients/clients often have a genuine calling to work with the elderly. And when the professionals work together to serve their older patients/clients, everyone benefits.  Read more »

Did You Know?

Early Jetliners Had Frequent Catastrophic Failures Due To:
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  • Jet Engine Failure
  • Square Windows
  • Poor Wing Design


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