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1st Quarter, 2017
Life and Legacy Advisor
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The Flexible Protection of Trust-Based Planning
As you assess your goals for the year ahead, take a moment to review your legacy planning. You’ve hopefully already handled a few key pieces—set up and funded a Living Trust, signed a Will, created Powers of Attorney, etc.
But does your plan offer you and your family the greatest possible protection for the circumstances in your life right now?
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What Will 2017 Bring to Seniors and Persons with Disabilities?
Donald Trump’s election and Republican majorities in both houses of Congress surprised much of the nation. With control of legislative and executive branches of government, the expectation is Republicans will finally be able to push through long-awaited legislation, as well as follow through on promises made by President Trump. And they are expected to move quickly.

There are a number of issues that will be addressed in 2017 that can have significant impact on seniors and their loved ones, Veterans, and persons with disabilities.

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