Governor Pritzker signed Executive Order 2020-10 on March 20, 2020. It went into effect at 5:00pm on Saturday, March 21, 2020.
This Executive Order generally requires individuals in Illinois to stay at home, but contains numerous exceptions.

Any businesses qualifying as “Essential Businesses” are permitted to remain open.

The following types of businesses are classified as essential under the order:

1. Healthcare and Public Health Operations

2. Human Services Operations

3. Essential Infrastructure

4. Essential Government Functions

5. Stores that Sell Groceries and Medicine

6. Food, Beverage, and Cannabis Production and Agriculture

7. Organizations that Provide Charitable and Social Services

8. Media

9. Gas Stations and Businesses Needed for Transportation

10. Financial Institutions

11. Hardware and Supply Stores

12. Critical Trades

13. Mail, Post, Shipping, Logistics, Delivery, and Pick-Up Services

14. Educational Institutions

15. Laundry Services

16. Restaurants for Consumption Off-Premises

17. Supplies to Work from Home

18. Suppliers for Essential Business and Operations

19. Transportation

20. Home-Based Care and Services

21. Residential Facilities and Shelters

22. Professional Services

23. Day Care Centers for Employees Exempted by the Executive Order

24. Manufacture, Distribution, and Supply Chain for Critical Products and Industries

25. Critical Labor Union Functions

26. Hotels and Motels

27. Funeral Services

The order describes each of these categories in additional detail.

If a business does not fit directly into the foregoing categories, it may still qualify as an essential business under the following sections: “Supplies to Work from Home” (Section 12(m)), “Supplies for Essential Businesses and Operations” (Section 12(n)), or “Manufacture, Distribution, and Supply Chain for Critical Products and Industries” (Section 12(t)), which all appear to be catch-all provisions.

Note that the Order also imposes social distancing obligations on all individuals and businesses, regardless of whether they are essential (see Section 15).

Please click here to view a copy of the Executive Order.

The following is a link to FAQs published by the State of Illinois:

We encourage you to review the Order to assess whether your business qualifies as essential and is thereby exempt from the Order.