Recently, attorney Cindy Tolan was recognized in the DuPage Community Foundation newsletter, The Foundation Report, as well as by the Firm for her outstanding service to client, Dianne Skeet.  As reported in The Foundation Report, Tolan told the story, dubbed by the author, “An American Success Story,” of married couple Dianne and Don Skeet.

Dianne and Don were not only active, contributing residents of DuPage County, but also genuinely good people with a desire to leave a legacy for the children of DuPage County.

Dianne and Don were long time clients of Huck Bouma. After Don passed, Dianne, an only child with no children of her own, did not have family to assist her with her affairs. Cindy went above and beyond the call of duty for Dianne as her client, but more importantly, as her now close friend. Cindy was there with Dianne through her diagnosis with esophageal cancer and following treatment plan. Cindy was not only an advocate for Dianne’s best interests, but was someone who cared deeply for her as she neared the end of life.

Cindy, a member of the Estate Planning group and founding member of the Elder Law group at Huck Bouma, utilized her unique skill set and knowledge about the healthcare system to prepare Dianne for the end of her journey. The Firm appreciates and recognizes Cindy’s active participation and dedication to her clients every day, but formally recognizes this as one example of her compassion, dedication and legal expertise during this difficult time in a very special client’s life.