The Largest National Park In The World Is Located
In Which Country?

>The United States

Answer: Greenland

A national park is a wildlife and nature preserve within the boundaries of a single nation and designated/managed by the central government of that nation (as opposed to being designated and managed by individual states, provinces, or other governmental subdivisions). Some countries have none, some countries have hardly any, some countries have hundreds, but one country has something unique above all others.

Greenland’s national park situation is unique in more than one way. First, it is the single largest national park in the world, the appropriately named Northeast Greenland National Park, covering the entire northeast quadrant of the country and comprising 972,001 square kilometers (375,000 square miles).

Second, it encompasses 44.8 percent of the entire landmass of Greenland, which puts Greenland at the top of the list in terms of countries that have devoted the most landmass to natural parks–a feat even more impressive when you consider that they top that list with one single massive park.

Finally, given its position in the northeast corner of Greenland it is, as you might have guessed, the most northerly national park in the world–a trip off the northern shore would take you right up into the Arctic.