name is Julius Pringles!

The Pringles mascot, a mustachioed man, was designed in the late 1960s by Louis R. Dixon.

Although the mascot has changed over the years: losing rosey markings on his cheeks, changing his hair from black to brown, and most recently losing his eyebrows and lips, one thing has remained constant over time: his name.

A good mascot is more than just a pretty face and should always have a proper name. Should you come across the Pringles man on the street, you can give him a warm welcome with his full name: Julius Pringles.

What compelled them to name him Julius? While company lore is murky and unclear on why specifically Julius was chosen, it should be quite obvious to the casual observer: an old-timey guy with a mustache that magnificently deserves a properly magnificent old-timey name like… Julius.

Image courtesy of Procter & Gamble.