The First Cartoon Aired With Stereo Sound was…

>Danger Mouse
>Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
>Inspector Gadget
>The Jetsons

Answer:  Inspector Gadget

If you’re old enough to remember Inspector Gadget, the early 1980s cartoon, then you probably remember quite a few things about the show, none of which have to do with audio transmission style or quality. The show focused on the adventures of the bumbling and eponymous Inspector Gadget whose cyborg body was enhanced with a plethora of gadgets that always managed to help him out of a bind, despite how often his own errors got him into those very predicaments.

Let’s be honest here though, no amount of gadgets could be worth as much as the assistance of his brilliant niece, Penny, and his intelligent dog, Brain, who were really the ones who got him out of all the trouble he found himself in. We don’t know exactly what Inspector Gadget’s salary was, but at least 80 percent of it should have probably gone to Penny’s college savings account.

Antics of the show aside, the long running series was notable for a technical accomplishment behind the scenes. It was the first cartoon broadcast in stereo sound. Starting with the second season, if you had a stereo-capable television set, then you could hear every crash, car cash, and bit of maniacal super villain laughter in glorious stereo sound.

Image courtesy of DHX Media.