Posted by: Katie May

Facebook has certainly become a way for us as individuals to express our feelings, tell our “friends” what we are up to, connect with family and long lost friends and to show our support for the people and causes we believe in.

It’s no surprise that Facebook users utilize their account for more than just friendly hellos. Movements, campaigns and requests for help on Facebook consistently make the local and national news. Most recently, news media outlets reported on the equal sign many were posting or making their profile picture in support of an equal right to marry as the Supreme Court heard oral arguments relating to the Federal Defense of Marriage Act. I can’t tell you how many pictures I have seen of someone requesting “likes” because they have been promised something upon obtaining this attention.

I admit that I am slightly addicted to checking my Facebook newsfeed as I thoroughly enjoy seeing pictures of my friends’ children and checking in on my college aged cousins to make sure they are behaving! This morning, was no different and as I scrolled through my news feed, I came across this picture shared by a friend and I could not help but smile. Not a small cracked smile, but a full joyful smile at this adorable, sweet boy!

This picture, originally shared by the Special Olympics of Arizona, whose Facebook page can found at!/SpecialOlympicsArizona, captures the spirit of this little three year old boy, named Sam, from England. What a great message he sends to us from across the pond and who can ignore Sam!

You are right Sam, there is no need to get worked about an extra chromosome. In fact, your celebration in this photo is the most perfect response. You are a handsome young man with a future as bright as the sun.

It’s amazing how little messages, in a Facebook newsfeed, on a seemingly normal day, can leave a mark on your life. Thanks Sam for sharing your message with your friends, who shared it with their friends, who shared it with my friends who shared it with me! Please know, I am continuing your message on as I shared your picture with my Facebook friends shortly after seeing your infectious smile. Share on, Facebook friends!