>>DuPagePads Welcomes New Board Members

“Huck Bouma PC is pleased to announce that office manager, Mary Morrissey was recently welcomed by DuPagePads to serve on its Board of Directors.  Mary is one of five recently-added board members.

Board chair, Vickie Tabbert, expressed her excitement for the onboarding of these new leaders sharing “One of the most critical components of the success of an organization is the leadership that guides it to achieve its mission. In an organization like DuPagePads that leadership comes from the Board of Directors.

“These individuals volunteer their time and offer their expertise to help the organization achieve its goals. We are very fortunate at DuPagePads to have highly skilled and dedicated leaders serving in this capacity and we are thrilled to welcome several new board members to our team. Their passion, experiences, and commitment to ending homelessness are the reasons they were selected to join us and we look forward to their contributions in the future.”

Congratulations, Mary!  We applaud your contributions to the effort to end homelessness in our community!!

Visit https://dupagepads.org/dupagepads-welcomes-five-new-members-to-board-of-directors-2/ to read why each of the newest board members are eager to serve and expand the mission and solutions to end homelessness.”