Huck Bouma has a wealth of experience in the myriad of issues that arise throughout the life span of a business, from inception and growth to the sale or transition of a business.

As the premier business law firm in suburban Chicago, Huck Bouma knows and understands the legal needs of business clients. The firm’s attorneys listen to and visit clients to learn as much as possible about their businesses, long-term objectives and management style to anticipate issues and address all aspects of a problem from a long-range perspective. Many clients have been with the firm for over twenty years, using Huck Bouma’s services for general counseling for long term legal needs, not just current issues. The firm has guided a large number of businesses from initial formation to become multi-million dollar commercial enterprises in a variety of industries.

Combining the experience and expertise of much larger firms with the client service and responsiveness of smaller firms, Huck Bouma attorneys understand the need for responsive and on-going counseling, and quality representation to offer practical solutions to business, legal and tax issues. Furthermore, many of the firm’s attorneys are CPAs, have master’s degrees, and/or previous experience in larger law firms. Each business has different needs and Huck Bouma’s broad experience and expertise allows them to be creative and develop business solutions that fit each client’s unique objectives. As the largest independent law firm in the Chicago suburbs, Huck Bouma has the resources to handle even the most complex legal problems, while at the same time, using our experience not to overstaff or over-lawyer a matter.

Huck Bouma has experience in the myriad of issues that arise throughout the life span of a business, from its initial organization, to growth issues (such as financing, contracting, intellectual property and employment matters), through ongoing transactions of a mature enterprise (such as tax planning, employee benefits, executive compensation, and financial problems), to the sale of the business or the transition to the next generation of owners.