Do you have an estate plan? One that protects the legacy that you want to leave? At Huck Bouma, PC, we understand that planning your estate isn’t at the top of your list of priorities; in fact, Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney are probably nearer the bottom of that list than the top. But we also understand the importance of proactive planning because we’ve seen the consequences of a failure to plan.

What differentiates the attorneys in the Life & Legacy Planning Group of Huck Bouma is that we offer a wide range of estate planning services to meet your needs. Whether you are a young family that is looking to protect your minor children, or a business owner that requires sophisticated planning to efficiently plan for a succession of ownership of your business, we have attorneys that can help. Our goal is to build client-centered, relationship-based partnerships built on a legacy of trust that will last a lifetime.

Whether you need a Will, a Revocable Living Trust, Powers of Attorney or sophisticated planning to avoid estate taxes, transition your business or set up an asset protection plan, the attorneys at Huck Bouma can guide you through the process and put together a plan for you. Simply contact our office for a Confidential Estate Planning Questionnaire, and we will send you the information necessary to initiate an estate planning consultation.

In addition, The attorneys at Huck Bouma PC serve personally as trustees (or co-trustees) for our clients.

We offer clients continuity of service and a level of attention that can develop only when there is a personal connection. Because of these long-standing relationships, we can provide advice and counsel that frequently includes practical help. Some of the beneficiaries of trusts under our management have special needs, are disabled, or have experienced legal difficulties. We try to help these clients by paying bills, making appointments, and protecting them from creditors and others whose interest may last only as long as the money. Our role is greater than that required by our fiduciary duty.

Our formal service as trustees includes holding and managing the assets of the trust and reporting regularly to the beneficiaries about the performance of the funds in our care.  We are happy to consider working with any custodian or investment advisor suggested by the client, while maintaining long-term relationships with other trusted advisors. Our services in acting as trustee are tailored to the client’s needs and desires.

We believe our fees are reasonable, and include the cost of our independent investment advisor and other management expenses. Clients will be able to name one of our attorneys or fiduciaries as a trustee when they are undertaking the estate planning process.

Huck Bouma PC’s experienced thoroughness and attention to the needs of our clients during the setting up of a trust, can serve as a natural ‘bridge’ to a client then becoming comfortable in having the Firm also act as a trustee. This provides a continuity of service and a knowledge of the client’s situation that can be the basis of a long lasting relationship.

To learn more about our trustee services, contact us at, or call us at 630-221-1755.