Life & Legacy Planning Group

At Huck Bouma, we are Life and Legacy Planners, and we help our clients throughout the Life Planning Continuum. We represent clients throughout their lives, whatever their needs, from providing for the children of young families to representing those clients who are thinking about retirement or already in retirement; from helping clients who have long-term care needs, to taking care of families who have lost loved ones.

What differentiates the attorneys in the Life & Legacy Planning Group of Huck Bouma is that we practice Estate Planning as well as Special Needs Planning, Elder Law, VA Pension Planning, Guardianship and Estate Administration. Our goal is to build client-centered, relationship-based partnerships that will last a lifetime, built on a legacy of trust earned through our many years of involvement in our local community.

Your life is a continuum, and planning needs will change as your life evolves. Our Life and Legacy Planning model is uniquely positioned to address that evolution.

For more information about the Life & Legacy Planning Group, please click on Life & Legacy Resources in the News & Resources menu. There you will find a short History of the Life & Legacy Planning Group, Definitions of various terms, Frequently Asked Questions, Case Studies, and Links to numerous other sites relevant to this area of law.